Two alleged armed robbers shot and killed last night

Police have opened two inquest dockets after two suspects involved in serious and violent crimes were shot and killed during a shoot-out at Bryanston and Tembisa last night. One suspect was shot by a house owner following an attempted house robbery. In another incident, one of the four suspects was also fatally shot by the police in Tembisa following a business robbery at a salon in Bramley and hijacking of two vehicles, a VW Polo in Bramley and a BMW in Edenvale, while two of his accomplices were arrested. Police recovered two hijacked vehicles, a BMW and a VW Polo, a getaway vehicle (a Hyundai) and two unlicensed firearms.

In Bryanston at Straton Avenue, the owner of the house woke up and saw four suspects who were already inside the house. One of the suspects shot at him and he also returned fire with his licenced firearm. He fired several shots and one of the suspects was fatally shot while three others managed to escape. The suspect died at the scene and police seized an unlicensed firearm. Nothing was taken in the house and the home owner (50) was not injured but he was taken to the hospital as he was traumatised. Police have launched a manhunt for the other three suspects who fled.

In another unrelated incident of serious and violent crime, police followed up information of four suspects driving a Hyundai who robbed a salon at Bramley and hijacked a VW Polo whilst they were fleeing from the scene. The suspects also hijacked another vehicle, BMW at Edenvale and drove towards Tembisa while police were tracking them. A VW Polo and a BMW were abandoned in Norkerm Park. Four suspects who were driving a Hyundai came across a roadblock in Tembisa where a shoot-out ensued. One of the suspect was shot and killed and two others arrested. A fourth suspect managed to escape. Stolen cellphones, perfumes, a laptop and an unlicensed firearm were seized and their getaway vehicle impounded.

Police are still searching for one of the suspects who is believed to an ex-convict.

Source: South African Police Service