Two people lost their lives during a collision involving two motor vehicles

The Police in Mokopane are investigating a case of culpable homicide after two people died during a collision involving two motor vehicles along the N1 road South of Mokopane today at about 10:40. Three people sustained injuries and were taken to hospital.

The two vehicles, a Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Yaris were allegedly moving in the same direction, from north to south. The vehicle in the front, a Land Cruiser was pulling a trailer. The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle and it overturned and in the process, the trailer detached and collided with the vehicle coming from the rear.

There were six occupants in the Cruiser, a toddler and a 6-year-old child as well as four adult persons. The driver of the Land Cruiser (male) and a woman died on the scene. The 6-year-old child and the two adults were taken to hospital. The toddler did not suffer any injuries. The three people who were in the other vehicle were also not injured.

All lanes of the N1 had to be closed pending the conclusion of police investigations on the scene and the removal of the wreckage from the road. The road has since been cleared is now opened for traffic.

The cause of the accident will be determined by the unfolding police investigations.

Source: South African Police Service