UK strengthens security at Kenya airports

NAIROBI: THE United Kingdom is boosting aviation security at Kenyan airports. The assistance is envisaged to make airports in the East African country a ‘harder target’ against terrorist attacks. Trainers from the UK Department for Transport have been in Kenya during November to deliver aviation security training courses to Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) supervisors and other key airport security personnel, including the Police and the Military.

The training covered how to handle various threats including armed attack, surface to air missiles and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Speaking at the ‘Protective Security Infrastructure’ course at the KAA’s Training School in Nairobi, the Regional Aviation Security Liaison Officer (RASLO) at the British High Commission, Vicky Hutchinson, said aviation was a global business, and through such a world-wide network airports were vulnerable to attack.

“As we have seen – including with recent tragic events in Egypt – we all face the same difficult challenges in defending our aviation industries from the threat of terrorism, so we must help one another and share experiences and best practice in our efforts to improve aviation security standards in the region,” she said.

Hutchinson said her country’s assistance would provide the KAA with best practice advice/training against current threats to aviation. The UK Government has and continues to offer various levels of aviation security equipment to the KAA including explosive trace detection machines and consumables; IED training kits and a set of liquid explosive test strips.