UN AND AFRICA: A memorial at UN honours victims of slavery

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A close-up from the memorial on the legacy of slavery. UN Photo/Devra Berkowitz

• A permanent memorial to honour the victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade will help teach present and future generations about, what the UN has called, “one of the darkest chapters in human history”. For over 400 years, more than 15 million men, women and children were taken from Africa as slaves. An American architect of Haitian descent, who won a competition to design the memorial describes his creation—”The Ark of Return”—as a marble vessel or ship that is inspired by the maps of the triangular slave trade.

Kenyan farmers turn to “white gold” to fight poverty

Photo: Kenya videocaption. IFAD

• Milk has the potential to lift more than a million Kenyan farmers out of poverty, according to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Kenya’s milk consumption is reportedly the highest in the developing world. And it is smallholder farmers who are producing what the fund says could become Kenya’s “white gold”. Thanks to training programmes run by the government with the support of IFAD, farmers are now developing more lucrative dairy businesses.

South African student sees “bigger world” through Model UN

Derrick Mbatha interviews Tlotlo Tlhankana. UN Photo.

• A South African teenager hopes to be a human rights lawyer one day, thanks to her participation in Model UN activities in her school. Model UN is a programme that allows students to learn about diplomacy and the United Nations, and play roles of delegates in simulated United Nations meetings or debates. The student says participating in Model UN has increased her knowledge about the UN and what it does around the world.

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