Vavi Dismissal – a Catalytic Moment in a Shifting Political Landscape [analysis]

On Monday night Cosatu’s Central Executive Committee voted to dismiss Zwelinzima Vavi. It had been a long time coming, and probably wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone. This is one of those moments where our politics enters once more the promise of possibility, a situation where almost anything can happen. It’s a catalytic moment on two fronts, both politically, and for workerboss relations.

The writing of Cosatu’s break-up has been on the wall for so long that we sometimes forget to be shocked. Monday night was one of those moments. As news brokewas leaked that Cosatu’s Central Executive Committee had voted to dismiss Zwelinzima Vavi as general secretary, some would have been forgiven for not quite realising how important this move is. It cannot be underestimated, for the simple reason that there is now no going back. Short of boring drawn-out court proceedings (which would be a tactical error on Vavi’s part) it is surely now impossible for Vavi to return.

For over half of the time South Africans have been free, Vavi has been one of the biggest national figures. He’s been at the forefront of everything, from leading public sector strikes over wages, to…

Source : Daily Maverick