Vuwani communities want learners back in class

The Ministry of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) says residents in Vuwani and surrounding areas want children to return to school.

The Ministry urged residents in the area to report any form of intimidation to the police, especially prevention of educators and learners from going back to school.

The Ministry said this on Wednesday following a visit to various schools in and around Vuwani by the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC).

The visit was led by COGTA Minister Des van Rooyen to ensure that teaching and learning resumes.

“While teaching and learning had started in some areas, the same was not the case in other areas,” said the Ministry.

The Ministry said the IMC engaged with parents, school governing bodies (SGBs), educators, learners and other stakeholders.

“In these interactions with stakeholders, government emphasised the importance of partnerships with communities.

“In addition, the IMC proceeded to a community meeting with the Nesengani Traditional Council and community members, where the community showed that they want to see children back to school,” said the Ministry.

The Ministry said Sate Security Minister David Mahlobo indicated in the meeting that police patrols will be increased and that investigations will still continue.

“Various stakeholders had an opportunity to address key issues with the IMC, ranging from re-opening of schools, dealing with intimidation and with community needs,” said the Ministry.

According to the Ministry, Minister van Rooyen sounded a clarion call to communities and stakeholders to allow learners to go back to school.

“South Africa will not be the country of our dreams if we burn it and if our children don’t get educated,” said Minister van Rooyen.

The Ministry said one of the community representatives at the meeting, Peter Mukhwatheli, who is also a community leader said: “The future of our children is important and we urge educators to come back to school”.

The Ministry said speakers representing the community emphasised the importance of education for their children, hence they will always guard schools infrastructure jealously.

“This action by parents and learners clearly shows their commitment and appreciation of the having this important infrastructure within their community.

“The delivery of the mobile classrooms is also continuing and on the 18th May 2016, additional 14 were delivered to the cheers and happiness of some community members,” said the Ministry.

The Ministry said the IMC has once again commended the positive response from the communities and all stakeholders who are assisting to ensure that teaching and learning resume.

Source: Government Communication and information System