Walvis Bay municipal roads leading to port to be rehabilitated

The Road Fund Administration (RFA), Roads Authority (RA) and Walvis Bay Municipality have signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the rehabilitation and widening of the municipal roads leading to the port in the harbour town.

Signing on behalf of the RFA, its Chief Executive Officer Ali Ipinge said the N.dollars 248 million committed to the five-year agreement will be derived from the Road User Charges funding.

Ipinge said as Namibia seeks to strategically position itself as a gateway to the southern Africa economic market through the deepened and expanded port of Walvis Bay, more cargo volumes destined for neighbouring countries will pass through Walvis Bay.

“This subsequently increases the usage of the roads in Walvis Bay, and in particular roads leading to the port. Hence, a key aspect of the MOA that we are signing this morning, is to ensure that continuous, on-time upkeep of the roads used by the cargo traffic destined for local, regional and international markets,” he stated.

Ipinge noted that through the agreement, the three institutions will ensure added support for the national vision of promoting the national road corridors and logistical hub ideals as enshrined in Namibia’s Vision 2023.

RA CEO Conrad Lutombi noted that “the world recognises Namibia as having the best quality roads. Not only do they refer to national roads, but also municipal roads.”

He said although the RA is doing well in terms of rehabilitating national roads, there is huge deterioration where urgent intervention is required when it comes to feeder roads falling under local authorities.

On his part, Walvis Bay CEO John Esterhuizen explained that the national road was upgraded to a certain point, but there are spaces between the national road and the port that need attention.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency