Want to pay your any bill? Plastiq lets you do it by just snapping a photo

Pay your any bill with comfort

Since the technology has evolved, it has also made your paying your bill’s experience much easier and now through digital payment system, paying for goods and bills are no longer the issue of anyone, who has smartphone and Plastiq also seems to be among those entities in the tech world. Plastiq offers you to pay your bills in a much comfortable way and accomplishing paying bills through just snapping a photo, tells us that Plastiq has gone a step ahead to let its users pay their bills with much comfortable way. This happens to be a new iPhone application, which has been launched recently and it is to make you pay your any bill with your credit or debit card through just snapping a photo and the real purpose of this Application is to offer anything designed for mobile, and according to many I.T experts its efficiency is far better than opting for a bank’s online bill pay service, so one can call it the current time’s best Application as far as paying any bill with comfort is concerned.

Plastiq’s target audience

According to the company, its target audience happens to be credit card holders, who want to make their experience of paying for bills, much comfortable and like to pay bills through one single card or pay with credit to accumulate rewards. In this current era, where everyone wants to get things done in a much comfortable way, everyone seems to like that initiative of Plastiq to allow people to pay through just snapping a photo.

Some more insight about it

In order to use this exciting Application, which currently works in the United States and Canada, you will not need to have already signed up for a Plastiq account and that tells you that you can do it through directly from your own Smartphone by just providing your email address. Having done this phase, all you will have to do is to simply snap a photo by using your Smartphone’s camera and the Application will kick off analyzing the information that the bill consists of in order to determine things such as the amount owed, due date and the details of your account information such as the account number and memo line. You will have both options such as pay the bill immediately or opt to save for later. This latter feature is also much useful as it will take the bill to your virtual bill stack in the Application and then send you a push notification when it is the most right time to make that specific payment. As you will use this later feature, so you will come across the fact that the notification does not come on the due date, which can make the payment late, in fact, it is sent to you on time to meet that due date, and the main purpose of these notifications, is to keep you away from paying for late payment charges.

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