Water strategy consultations go to N Cape

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) will on Wednesday host a consultation session on the National Water Resource Strategy Edition 3 (NWRS-3) at the Horseshoe Motel in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

The department is currently engaging with all water and sanitation stakeholders to develop the third edition of the NWRS.

The review aims to develop the third edition of the National Water Resource Strategy, with the first and second editions having been developed in 2004 and 2013, respectively.

The department said the third edition will focus on the priorities of the sixth administration of the government of the Republic of South Africa.

The Minister of Water and Sanitation is required by the National Water Act (NWA), (Act No.36 of 1998) to develop the National Water Resource Strategy to ensure that the country’s water resources are managed towards achieving South Africa’s growth, development, and socio-economic priorities in an equitable and sustainable manner.

“On a domestic front, the draft NWRS-3 responds to the country’s National Development Plan, with its vision of eradicating poverty and reducing inequality by 2030.

“On the international front, the strategy aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs), with a specific focus on Goal 6, which seeks to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, and speaks to the ideals of the African Union’s Agenda 63,” the department said.

Water and Sanitation Minister, Senzo Mchunu, has issued a notice in the Government Gazette to this effect, under notice 47133 (No. 2327, 29 July 2022) informing the public of the draft NWRS-3, and inviting written comments for a period of not less than 90 days from the date of publication.

Copies of the draft NWRS-3 are available for downloading on the department’s website: www.dws.gov.za

The department said while the consultative workshops will provide an opportunity for verbal inputs, stakeholders are advised to submit written comments before 28 October 2022 to NWRS3@dws.gov.za or MofokengM2@dws.gov.za or MkhizeNh@dws.gov.za.

Source: South African Government News Agency