Yutong, Shining at Busworld Belgium, Leading New Bus Trend


(Cao Zhongming, Chinese ambassador to Belgium attends the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Yutong U12)

During 18th to 23rd October 2019, the world largest professional bus show–Busworld with the longest history is grandly sponsored in Brussels Belgium. At the Busworld, China Ambassador Mr. Cao Zhongming comes to Yutong Booth and witnesses the accelerating paces of Chinese buses going global.

High Quality and Innovative Product,Push the New Trend in Bus Industry


(Yutong wins three awards of busworld)


Yutong presents proudly three new models i.e. U12, T13 and ICE12 at this Busworld. With the innovative design idea as well as refined and outstanding appearance design, Yutong U12 and T13 both obtain the “Busworld Design Award”, while ICE12 is honored with the “Busworld Environmental Award” by its excellent performances.


(Changhao, Deputy Director of Overseas Marketing Department delivers a speech)


(Franco Miniero, President of the European Region of Yutong Bus delivers a speech)

Yutong has launched the new round of branding upgrade and come up with new corporate vision in order to adapt to new situation and achieve new growth, which is to make the world leading public mobility solution provider, and hereby Yutong is releasing the new brand proposition–YUTONG: Better Bus, Better Life. The deputy branding director of Yutong Group Jiang Bing says: “YUTONG: Better Bus, Better Life, Yutong is committed to offering mobility life that is more convenient, safer, more comfortable, greener and more brilliant, and will incessantly explore the relations among people, people and city, people and society to construct a better world.”


(Jiang Bing, Vice President of Brand of Yutong Group delivers a speech)

Yutong paces to the world are becoming faster and faster from product to holistic solution then to brand grade; in future, Yutong will insist on pursuing of quality, and keeping innovation and changing to demonstrate the pleasant mobility of future with actions.

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