Zaayter: Committed to the Mediterranean Development Protocol

NNA – The ministry remains committed to the provisions of a Comprehensive Administering of the Mediterranean Coastal Regional Development Protocol, Social Affairs’ minister Ghazi Zaayter, declared upon wrapping up the 4th Congress of Newly-improvised sand resources adjacent to the Lebanese coastline in Ansariyyeh-South Lebanon today.Singing the praises of a South Lebanon liberated from Israeli occupation, Zaayter, referred affectionately to Nabih Berri’s and AMAL’s aspiration at developing this part of the country contending that this is prone to protect the coastal ecology against various environmental polluting exactions.Reiterating the commitment of the Social Affairs’ ministry to the amended Barcelona Protocol, the minister concluded that both private and public sectors should undertake a joint developmental effort in the high collective interest of all.=====G.G./R.K.